Whole Rockfish (aka Red Snapper)

approx. 10 lbs total
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Approximately 10lbs (of Roughly 2lb Fish)


  • Wild
  • Whole (in the Round)
  • Frozen


Available Year Round


Off the Coasts of Alaska, Canada, Washington, or Oregon (Depending on Season)


Often referred to as a red snapper, Pacific rockfish are actually a different species. Pacific rockfish have bright red skin that is gorgeous in whole-fish presentations, and flesh with a large, firm flake. Their flavor is pleasantly mild.

These Pacific rockfish are caught using sustainable long-line day boat fishing techniques, instead of being trawled (which can cause bycatch and other problems).

These rockfish are sold whole (aka "in the round") and ungutted.


Store whole rockfish in your freezer until you're ready to use them, then thaw as many as you need. We do not recommend thawing and refreezing raw fish.

Thawing Tips


Whole Pacific rockfish excel in whole-fish applications. They can be roasted whole in a salt crust, simply baked in the oven lightly seasoned with salt and lemon, or poached. They can also be cut into fillets, which will cook faster and are great for serving on individual plates rather than as a whole fish on a platter. Rockfish is also a good choice for making ceviche.

Prior to cooking, this fish should be cleaned and scaled.

Whole Fish Recipes & Techniques

Note: Rockfish’s top fins have sharp spines. Care must be taken while cleaning this fish not to cut yourself. The safest way to do this is simply to take kitchen shears and clip the spines off the top of the fins before doing any other cleaning. Of course, this will change the look of the fish if you are presenting it whole.

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