White Sorghum Flour

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White sorghum flour is a finely ground, gluten free, off-white flour with a nutty flavor. This particular flour is ground from whole grain sorghum, ensuring it contains the grain’s full nutritional content.

Sorghum is high in protein, low calorie, low fat, high in fiber and a good source of antioxidants & B-complex vitamins.

Sorghum flour is often used in gluten free flour blends & some traditional Indian flatbreads (like jowar roti). It can also be used as a gluten free thickener for soups & sauces.

* Minimally Processed, No Chemical Ingredients


Store whole grain sorghum flour in an airtight container in a cool, dark, dry place.


Sorghum flour can be substituted for some of the wheat flour in recipes to increase the recipe’s nutrition, used with other flours in gluten-free baking blends, or as the primary flour in traditional Indian flatbreads like jowar roti. It is also sometimes used as a gluten free thickener in soups & sauces.

Substituting Sorghum Flour for Wheat Flour: When adapting a wheat flour recipe to include some sorghum flour (for extra nutrition), replace up to 15%-20% of the wheat flour with sorghum.

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