Fresh White Shiso Flowers

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White shiso flowers are the small, delicate flowers of the shiso plant (aka perilla, Japanese basil, beefsteak plant, ooba, ohba, rattlesnake weed - where green shiso leaves come from) on short green sprigs (each approximately 4” long). Like the leaves, these flowers have a bold, complex herby flavor that evokes basil, mint & fennel.

Shiso flowers can be left on the sprig for garnishes, or delicately stripped from the sprig and sprinkled on to dishes. The sprigs are the perfect aromatic garnish for cocktails.



Store white shiso flowers in their plastic clamshell in your refrigerator.

Shelf Life:

5-7 days.


The bold flavor of shiso pairs very well with soy based sauces and dressings. Try pairing these flowers with raw fish (particularly sashimi), salads, tempura, and other dishes where you want a burst of bold flavor in a little, delicate, pretty package.

Shiso’s usefulness doesn’t stop at savory dishes, however, its fascinatingly complex flavor profile can be used in desserts as well, particularly those with citrus fruit, melon, or pears.

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