Humanely Raised Grain-Fed Veal

Grain-fed Veal Mixed Bones

approx. 25 lbs total
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These mixed bones, harvested from humanely raised grain-fed Le Quebecois veal, are high in both gelatin and flavor.

Instead of being consumed, veal mixed bones are used to create veal stocks and soup bases, like the French classic, demi glace.

Le Québécois is the first veal program to combine USDA approved All Natural* status, humane animal husbandry, full traceability, and sustainable farming practices.

*Minimally Processed. No Artificial Ingredients


Store veal bones in your freezer until you're ready to use them.

Thawing Tips


Mixed veal bones are typically used to make delicious brown veal stock and white veal stock, which form the basis for many great soups and sauces.

General Tips for Stockmaking

Basic Veal Stock Tutorial

How to Make Veal Demi Glace

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