Fresh Taro Root

Approximately 10 lbs.
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Approximately 1-3 roots per lb. (about 10 lbs.)


Generally available year round.


Central America and the Caribbean


Taro roots (aka cocoyams, calocasia) are a starchy root vegetable (actually a corm) consumed in Asia and South America, as well as several other parts of the world.

When cooked its texture is similar to that of a starchy/floury potato, although in some cultures it is whipped until it becomes a smooth paste (as in Hawaiian poi) or ground into powder. It has a starchy, slightly sweet flavor.

Note: Taro is not safe to eat raw. Please cook before consuming.



Store taro roots in a cool, dry place. If they will be well above 50 degrees outside of the refrigerator, you can store them in the fridge, but doing so can increase their cooking time.

Shelf Life:

Up to a week.


Large taro roots such as these should be peeled before cooking, and can generally be used as you would potatoes. They can be baked, steamed, simmered in milk and mashed, or sliced thin and deep fried to make taro chips (taro chips recipe). They will caramelize more than potatoes during the frying process, so expect them to be darker when done.

Because taro corms are consumed all over the world and have such a mellow flavor, they are paired with a wide variety of other ingredients, including cumin, vinegar, black pepper, milk, dashi, coconut milk, ginger, spicy chiles, garlic, mustard, soy sauce, tamarind, shallots, mirin (sweet rice wine), lemon or lemon juice, capers, green olives, lentils, pork, beef, and seafood.

Apart from its savory applications, taro starch is also used in desserts and beverages, such as Taiwanese boba tea (aka bubble tea).

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