Suckling Lambs

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Suckling lamb (aka sucking lamb, milk-fed lamb, cordero lechal) is a highly prized delicacy in Spain, France, and Italy. Most often slow roasted on the bone, suckling lamb meat is particularly moist, tender & succulent, with a mild flavor. It’s particularly associated with spring in Europe – especially Easter banquets, but is delicious year round.

These whole lambs are sold cut into eight sections in the Spanish style. Because each case contains 2 lambs, the total pieces included are:

4x Hind Legs

4x Shoulders

4x Whole Racks

2x Necks

2x Full Flanks/Briskets

All cuts are bone-in & skin-off.

These lambs are raised in New Zealand without the use of hormone or antibiotic growth promotants. GMOs are actually illegal there.


Store suckling lamb in your freezer until you’re ready to prepare it, then thaw as many pieces as you need.

Thawing Tips


Suckling lamb is traditionally slow roasted, but can also be braised. Because of its mild flavor, it is often rubbed with olive oil and salt, plus one or two more other simple seasonings. These seasonings can include garlic, sweet paprika, lemon, fresh herbs (rosemary, sage, and/or thyme), and/or black pepper.

New potatoes are the most traditional side dish for roast suckling lamb. Try sautéing or roasting them in some of the rendered lamb fat!

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