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Smoked Wild Coho Salmon

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Wild coho salmon has a more mild (though still delicious) flavor than bold flavored salmon species like king salmon and sockeye salmon.

This smoked coho salmon (aka smoked silver salmon) has been honey brined and then hot alderwood smoked.  For those who prefer their smoked salmon with a spicy kick, a version that is then topped with black pepper & garlic is also available.

This coho salmon has been sustainably fished off the coast of Alaska by small family-run fishing boats and expertly prepared for extremely high quality.

Coho salmon fillets and whole coho salmon are also available.

Ingredients: Wild Coho Salmon, honey, salt and spices.


Ten to Fifteen 1/3-1/2lb Packs (Approx. 5lbs Total)


  • Wild
  • Ghoose Garlic & Pepper or Honey Flavor
  • Nitrate & Artificial Preservative Free
  • Vacuum Packed



Shipping Limitations:

Only available to ship on Mondays. Order must be placed before 9am PST on Friday to ship the following Monday.


Store smoked salmon in your refrigerator. It can be frozen in its pouches for long term storage.

Shelf Life:

Up to two months unopened. Each pouch will last 7-10 days once opened. If frozen in unopened pouches, smoked salmon will maintain its quality for several additional months.

Smoked coho salmon has a more mild flavor that pairs extremely well with fine cheeses without overpowering them…making it a great choice for cheese plates.  However, like other smoked salmon varieties, it can also be crumbled into dips, put on crackers, added to quiches, tossed in salads, or used in pasta sauces.

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