Sliced Grade B Foie Gras

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Quebec, Canada

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These pre-sliced, individually quick frozen (IQF) pieces of foie gras are extremely easy to cook. Simply sear slices, still frozen, over high heat, for about 2 minutes per side, then serve.

Foie gras is grouped into three quality grades: A, B & C. Grade B foie is not as perfect as Grade A, with a softer texture, and may exhibit some light bruising. It is also likely to render out more fat when cooking than Grade A foie.


Keep sliced foie gras frozen, then cook it without thawing.


This sliced foie gras has been prepared so that it can be seared while still frozen. Simply get a pan very hot over high heat, add the still frozen sliced foie, and cook it for two minutes per side.

Pair foie gras with flavors like truffles (fresh truffles or white truffle oil), cloves, nutmeg, allspice or fruit (especially apples, figs, or grapes).

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