Red Fresno Peppers

Approximately 10 lbs. | Free Shipping

A beautiful glossy red color, red Fresno peppers are the mature, somewhat sweeter version of the more common green Fresno. Their thick, waxy flesh provides both fruity sweetness and potent heat, making them a great choice for all sorts of hot fresh chile dishes.


Approximately 25-30 chilies per lb. (about 10 lbs.)


Generally available late spring through early fall.

Scoville Heat Rating:

2,500- 10,000  (chile heat scale)


USA or Mexico, depending on availability


Store fresh red Fresno chilies in the refrigerator, unwrapped.

Shelf Life:

Up to two weeks.

Chop, mince, or puree red Fresno chilies for use in salsa, soup, sauces, or marinades. For additional flavor, roast the chiles on a gas range or in the oven and peel off the charred skin prior to use (How to Roast Chiles). Red Fresnos are also great pickled.

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