Quonset Point Oysters

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Quonset Point oysters are deep-cupped 3”-3 ½” Atlantic oysters from Rhode Island.  Their firm meat has a salty start that isn’t too intense and a mild, sweet & creamy finish.  They’re quite popular amongst those who prefer their Atlantic oysters less briny.

Quonset Point oysters are a Virginica oyster variety grown in long-line suspended oyster cages that swing with the currents in the deep water of Narragansett Bay’s East Passage.  They grow plump & delicious as they filter the billions of microscopic plankton swept over them by the strong tides.

These oysters are stored in a high tech refrigerated flowing seawater system post-harvest that keeps them fresher, tastier, and alive longer.  While in this wet holding area, they naturally clean themselves of sand, bacteria and grit by filtering the clean seawater.


100 Oysters


  • Farmed
  • Live
  • Atlantic Oysters
  • Pre-Cleansed of Grit & Sand


Year Round (Weather Permitting)


Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island

Shipping Limitations:

Cannot ship on Tuesdays. Cannot be shipped to Louisiana or Hawaii.


If you will be eating your oysters soon after arrival, you can simply store them in a bowl in your refrigerator covered with a damp towel.


For ideal longer term storage, you may want to keep them on ice with the "cup" side of the shell down. See how to store shellfish for a tutorial.

Shelf Life:

7-10 days from date shipped.

If you’ve never opened an oyster before, don’t worry…it’s easier than you think!  All you need is an oyster knife and the proper technique:

How to Open an Oyster Online Tutorial
How to Open an Oyster (Printable PDF)

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