Quail Airline Breasts

24 breasts (about 4.5 lbs total)
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Quail airline breasts are the quail breast meat with the skin and both wings still attached. They weigh roughly 3-3 ½ ounces each, making them perfect for plating individually as light appetizers or serving multiple breasts as an entrée.

Quail’s light colored meat is tender and succulent with a delicate and distinct flavor prized in both Europe and the Middle East.

The quail these breasts are cut from have been air chilled, a method preferred by chefs because it better preserves the bird’s flavor, lets the meat absorb marinades better, doesn’t add water weight, and is more environmentally friendly (produces less contaminated water) than water chilling, which is used for most poultry.


Keep quail breasts frozen until you are ready to cook them. We recommend thawing & preparing all the breasts in each 6-breast pouch at once, rather than thawing & refreezing.

Thawing Tips


Quail breasts can be briefly roasted, grilled, or sautéed over high heat. Take care not to overcook them (they’re often served medium-rare). If desired you can marinate them ahead of time or wrap them in bacon (which you can serve with the quail or discard after cooking) for extra moisture and flavor.

Flavors commonly paired with quail include nuts (almonds, pistachios or chestnuts), aged balsamic vinegar, wild mushrooms, citrus (particularly lemon), pomegranate, thyme, grapes or raisins, bacon, and brandy.

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