Pink Salmon Ikura

1 - 6 lbs (in 4 oz jars)
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Wild caught Pink salmon eggs (aka Ikura) are harvested on the boat, lightly brined for one to two minutes in a blend of sea water and rock salt, then flash frozen for freshness.

These little orbs sparkle brilliantly and will bring beautiful color to your next sushi party.

Ingredients: Wild salmon roe, salt.



Ikura will keep longest frozen. When it comes time to thaw, we recommend thawing the roe slowly in your refrigerator to keep the eggs from rupturing.

Shelf Life:

Up to ten days once thawed.


Use pink salmon caviar to top rice flavored with rice-wine vinegar and wrapped in nori seaweed for simple, yet classy sushi. For a more western serving idea, pair ikura with crackers and nice cream cheese. Ikura can also be used to add color to salads and omelets.

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