Pineapple Mint Tops

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Pineapple mint is an apple mint cultivar with a fairly similar flavor (mild mint flavor with fruit notes) but a different appearance.  Both varieties have green, slightly fuzzy leaves, but apple mint leaves have white/cream colored splotches around their edges.

Herb tops are clusters of herb leaves on the stem rather than herb sprigs.  The large impressive leaves on an herb top make beautiful garnishes for desserts, entrees, and cocktails and add vibrant color and flavor to dishes.

Bulk fresh spearmint, fresh apple mint tops, and a wide variety of other fresh mint varieties are also available.



Store pineapple mint tops in your refrigerator in their plastic clamshell.

Shelf Life:

Roughly 7 to 10 days.


Pineapple mint leaves can be used in desserts, entrees, and beverages where their mild mint and tropical fruit flavor would be welcome. However, because its flavor is so mild, and also heat-sensitive, pineapple mint is most often used as a garnish rather than blended into recipes.

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