Petite Lemon Balm

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Lemon balm’s mint-like leaves have a bright, citrusy aroma and a lemony flavor that’s almost bitter with a slight nuttiness.  They can be used in a wide variety of dishes as a garnish or ingredient.

These lemon balm leaves are referred to as a “petitegreen”.  This means that they are somewhat older than a microherb, making them larger and more impressive while offering fairly similar flavor and tenderness to a true microgreen.



Store petite lemon balm in your refrigerator in its plastic clamshell.

Shelf Life:

Petitegreens will stay fresh for 10-20 days depending on the variety.


Lemon balm can be used as a dessert garnish alternative to mint leaves, muddled into cocktails, lemonade and iced tea or used in ice creams. Its leaves can be candied or used as a garnish or sauce ingredient for seafood dishes. It also works extremely well with many varieties of fresh fruit as a garnish or salad ingredient.

Other ingredient pairings for lemon balm include green beans, carrots, peas, summer squash, ginger, and mint.

Lemon balm can also be dried for use as an herbal tea or part of a tea blend.

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