Smoked Pink Salmon

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Smoked Pacific salmon is an easy way to add a lot of flavor to creamy cheeses, pasta sauces, and canapés.

Two flavors are available:

Smoked with Garlic & Pepper: This delicious fish is brined in a mixture of honey and salt and then hot-smoked with alder wood for a mild smoky-sweet flavor. After it has been smoked, it is topped with black pepper and garlic.

Smoked with Honey: The milder of the two varieties of smoked Alaskan Pink salmon we carry, this delicious fish is brined in a mixture of honey and salt, then hot-smoked with alder wood for a mild smoky-sweet flavor.

Pink salmon (aka humpback salmon) is the most abundant of the salmon varieties caught in the Pacific Northwest, but it's also the least known. That’s a shame, because they are more abundant and have the most delicate, tender flesh of all the Pacific species. Pink salmon eat lower down on the food chain than most other salmon. They also spawn (and thus are fished) at a much younger age. This means that there is less bioaccumulation of toxic residue in their bodies compared to other species.

Pink salmon are the smallest of the Pacific species, which means their fillets are correspondingly smaller and more manageable than those taken from a King or other large salmon. Their flesh has a smaller flake than a sockeye or king.

So why don’t you see them all over restaurant menus? Unfortunately, Pink salmon are often fished in such a way that their natural tenderness becomes a detriment. The mechanized unloading of fish from large boats en-masse via vacuum tubes pounds them to such an extent that they’re usually only suitable for canning.

The Pink salmon we offer are fished in a sustainable fashion off the coast of Alaska to not imperil the health of the fisheries. They are headed and gutted then refrigerated at sea, resulting in a far fresher fish. Upon returning to harbor, they are carefully carried from family-operated fishing boats one at a time, by hand, before being flash-frozen, preserving them in all their tender, tasty glory.

Pink salmon fillets, and whole pink salmon are also available.

Ingredients: Wild Pink Salmon, honey, salt and spices.


10-15 individually vacuum sealed packs, 1/3-1/2 lbs. per pack (approximately 5 lbs.)


  • Wild
  • Choose Garlic & Pepper or Honey Flavor
  • Nitrate & Artificial Preservative Free
  • Vacuum Packed



Shipping Limitations:

Only available to ship on Mondays. Order must be placed before 9am PST on Friday to ship the following Monday.


Store smoked salmon in your refrigerator. It can be frozen in its pouches for long term storage.

Shelf Life:

Up to two months unopened. Each pouch will last 7-10 days once opened. If frozen in unopened pouches, smoked salmon will maintain its quality for several additional months.

Crumble into whipped cream cheese to make a great dip, add to quiches, mix in to Alfredo sauces, or simply serve on a cheese platter with crackers.

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I ordered the garlic pepper. Good flavor but I was shocked to find pin bones. This is the first smoked salmon I purchased where the pin bones hadn't been removed - it wasn't just one or two missed bones. I will not purchase this brand again.