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This sampler contains almost everything you need to make truly excellent paella.  All you have to add is good olive oil, some vegetables and/or chorizo (if you wish), and a nice, wide pan (ideally a paella pan).

Each Paella Party Sampler contains:

Twenty Boneless Quail Breasts (in 2 packs)

Ten Rabbit Hind Leg Quarters (in 1 pack)

2.2lbs Bomba Paella Rice

Two 34oz Packs of Valencian Paella Base

0.8g Spanish Saffron Threads

2.6oz Sweet Pimenton

All ingredients are produced in Spain.

Urgasa Quail is raised cage free on a vegetarian diet.  The meat is air chilled for superior texture & flavor.

Grupo Hermi Rabbit is raised to European chefs’ high quality standards on a vegetarian diet . The meat is air chilled for superior texture & flavor.

Recipes Included!

Included in your package will be printed recipes for quail paella and rabbit paella, plus shopping & prep lists to make you paella meal easier.


Store frozen meats in your freezer until you need them, then thaw before cooking.

Thawing Tips

All non-meat items in this sampler are shelf stable and can be stored in a cool, dry place before opening.


Paella Recipes

Quail breasts cook very quickly and are best pan seared or grilled on skewers.  Their small size makes them ideal for appetizers or light meals.

Quail Recipes

Rabbit legs are a meaty cut best slow cooked (braised or sous vide) until fork tender.

Rabbit Recipes

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