Oyster Leaf

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Oyster leaves are a culinary magic trick. These smooth grey-green leaves look like any salad green, but actually have a juicy texture and briny, oyster-like flavor.

Oyster leaf has become popular in cutting edge fine dining restaurants as a way to surprise and delight diners. For a long time this plant was only available wild foraged (originally from the coast of Scotland), but rising restaurant demand has induced farmers to start cultivating it.



Store oyster leaf in its plastic clamshells in your refrigerator.

Shelf Life:

2-3 weeks.


Use raw oyster leaf in salads or as a garnish/bed for oysters, scallops, shrimp or wild mushrooms (try using lobster mushrooms to further play up the faux seafood flavors). Leaves can also be floated atop shrimp or lobster bisque.

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