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Eggs don’t get any more impressive than ostrich eggs. These huge eggs weigh several pounds each, and can contain the equivalent of up to two dozen chicken eggs. Apart from their impressive size, large volume of white and yolk, and thicker shells, ostrich eggs can be used as you would chicken or duck eggs.

In terms of nutrition, ostrich eggs are largely similar to the equivalent volume of chicken eggs in terms of protein and calories, but have an increased proportion of healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids.


Refrigerate ostrich eggs as you would chicken or duck eggs.


Ostrich eggs can be cooked as you would chicken eggs, assuming you have pots and pans that are big enough.  They can be soft boiled (about an hour), hard boiled (which can take 1 ½ to 2 hours), scrambled, fried, etc.

Deviled Ostrich Egg Recipe

Opening an Ostrich Egg:
Ostrich egg shells are much thicker (roughly 1/8” thick) and stronger than chicken eggs’.  They can be opened using various means, but the most common method is using a hammer and chisel to poke (and expand) a hole that the contents of the egg can be poured out through.

Using Ostrich Eggs as an Ingredient:
Ostrich eggs can be used as a substitute for chicken eggs in recipes calling for chicken or duck eggs.  A ¼ cup of (beaten) ostrich egg is roughly equivalent to a single chicken egg.

Cleaning Empty Ostrich Egg Shells:
Empty ostrich eggs are highly prized by artists for use in boxes, lamps, and many other crafting & art projects.  They can even be engraved.  Once the shells’ contents are removed, they should be sanitized.  Artists typically submerge the egg in a bleach and water solution, or pour it into the shell – the egg should be in contact with the bleach water for 10-15 minutes.  If the egg is left in the solution too long, it can start to soften the shell.

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