Fresh Organic Flower Assortment

50 - 100 pieces
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Choose 50 or 100 blossoms.


  • Edible
  • Organic


Texas, Washington State or Mexico (depending on availability)


The organic flower assortment offers a range of beautiful edible flowers in a single order, making it a perfect choice when you want a lot of variety without buying so much volume.

The flowers in the organic assortment can vary with availability, but typically include some or all of the following organic varieties: pansies, violas, roses, marigolds, snapdragons and dianthuses. Like the flower varieties, the colors in the blend can vary, but typically include a range of pink, purple, orange and/or yellow blossoms.


Store the organic flower assortment in your fridge until you need it.


Most of the flowers in this blend have agreeable flavors and textures that lend themselves to use as an ingredient or garnish in dishes. Roses tend to be tougher and can taste “soapy” and are best used as a food-safe garnish rather than as an ingredient. Dianthus blossoms can be bitter, so their flavor may not work with all foods when used as an ingredient.

Some edible flowers may wilt or change color when exposed to vinegar, so if using a vinegar-based dressing on salads containing edible flowers, test it on a few blossoms ahead of time and/or add it at the last second.

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