Tiny Parsnips

50 - 150 pieces
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Parsnips are a root vegetable with a shape somewhat similar to carrots, a pale white color & a sweet, earthy flavor.  Tiny Veggies™ Parsnips have been carefully cultivated to be tiny, not much bigger than a quarter.



Store Tiny Veggies™ in your refrigerator in their plastic clamshell.

Shelf Life:

Up to a month.


Tiny Veggies™ Parnsips can be cooked on the stalk or off and served as part of a vegetable side dish, added to soups, or used as a delicate garnish. Their light brown/off-white color can be used to provide visual contrast with darker foods.

They can be blanched, steamed, roasted or served raw. See how to blanch Tiny Veggies™ for blanching tips.

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