Micro Radish Ruby™

4 oz - 16 oz
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Micro Radish Ruby™ greens are a deep, dark purple color that really catches the eye, particularly when used to contrast cream soups and other light colored dishes.  Their flavor is equally striking, a fresh, daikon radish-esque taste with a bit of bite just at the end that balances out the richness of dishes.

This microgreen variety is high in antioxidants.



Store Micro Radish Ruby™ in your refrigerator in its plastic clamshell.

Shelf Life:

In general, microgreens will stay fresh for 5-7 days. Some hardier varieties can last longer.


Micro Radish Ruby™ greens can be used anywhere you want to add rich color and a bit of spice. Use them for visual and flavor contrast in mixed green salads, atop soups and stews, alongside sushi, sashimi or tempura, and as a garnish on almost any savory dish.

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