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Cinnamon basil is a lesser known basil variety with a flavor blending Italian basil (aka sweet basil) with a hint of cinnamon.  Its cinnammon flavor is due to the natural presence of cinnamate, the same compound found in cinnamon & cassia that provides much of their aroma and flavor.

Micro Basil Cinnamon is a microgreen form of this plant, offering more tender leaves, a dainty look, and full, clear flavor.  It can be used as a garnish with a wide variety of foods…really anything that pairs well with basil.  In Mexico, where cinnamon basil is originally from, it’s often used with fruit flavors.


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Store micro basil cinnamon in your refrigerator in its plastic clamshell.

Shelf Life:

In general, microgreens will stay fresh for 5-7 days. Some hardier varieties can last longer.

The slight cinnamon aspect of cinnamon basil’s flavor allows it to work very effectively with desserts and fruit dishes. Use it as a garnish for fruit desserts, fruit salads, cakes and more. Try folding micro basil cinnamon into softened butter for use as a compound butter in pasta, fish, fruit and vegetable dishes (how to make compound butter)

In Mexico, cinnamon basil is also often used in hot drinks. The tender leaves of basil cinnamon microgreens are likely too fragile to steep effectively in hot liquids, but you may be able to use them as a garnish with an intervening layer of whipped cream to float them above the heat. They also have a lot of potential for use in cold drinks, particularly cocktails.

Cinnamon basil microgreens can also be used as an intriguing garnish for dishes where you’d normally find more common Italian or Thai basil.

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