Maple Buds

1 - 5 lbs
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Picked from big leaf maple trees (Acer macrophyllum), these small yellow blossoms grow in clusters.  Their sweet & floral flavor faintly evokes green tea and maple syrup.  They’re commonly used for making fritters or infusing into tea or simple syrup.

These maple blossoms are sustainably foraged in the Pacific Northwest.



Wrap maple buds in a paper towel, then put them in a zip top bag. Store in your refrigerator.

Shelf Life:

4-5 days.


Batter & fry maple buds for fritters (dip the buds in egg, dredge in flour, then pan fry & top with powdered sugar), or infuse them in teas or syrups. You can also blend them with fresh mint to make a pesto.

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