Majii Leaves

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Majii leaves are the oval-shaped, green edible leaves of an African succulent. Like other succulents, Majii plants store water in their leaves. This not only gives them a juicy texture and a mild, slightly pine-y flavor, but means that they can be infused with other flavors.



Store majii leaves in their plastic clamshell in your refrigerator.

Shelf Life:

Up to ten days.


Use plain majii leaves to add crispy, juicy crunch to dishes as a garnish for soups, entrees and desserts. They can also be infused with flavor to surprise & delight diners.

Infusing Majii Leaves:

There are two methods for infusing majii leaves:

1. Peel each leaf and soak it in the liquid to be absorbed.

2. Inject the leaf with liquid using a hypodermic needle (other types of needles, like marinade injectors, may also work).

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