Rose Little Red Corvette™

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February - December




Rose Little Red Corvette blossoms are small, deep red roses that are just the right size for garnishing. They aren’t harvested with much of the stems, but do have the leaves surrounding the flower, giving a green contrast to the red.

Each rose, with some stem and attached leaves, is cut to measure approximately 1-2”.

These flowers are gorgeous, but like most roses their flavor is bitter & soapy. Because of this, while they’re safe to eat, they’re more commonly used as a garnish than as an ingredient that’s meant to be consumed.

For extra shine (and sweetness) they can be candied with egg whites & sugar.



Store Rose Little Red Corvette™ flowers in their plastic clam shell in your refrigerator.

Shelf Life:

5-7 days.


Rose Little Red Corvette are just the right size for garnishing cupcakes or cocktails. They can also be arranged around platters or on larger cakes, put on plates, etc. In addition to being used whole, they can also be separated into small petals.

Rose Little Red Corvette’s flavor & texture are somewhat unpalatable, so they’re best used as a garnish rather than as something meant to be eaten (though they are safe to eat).

For extra shine & sweetness, consider candying them.

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