Link Lab Breakfast Sausage

40 links (about 10 lbs total)
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Breakfast sausage is ubiquitous, but often not as good as it could be. Link Lab’s Signature Breakfast Sausage takes the humble breakfast link to new heights with premium ingredients, a fine dining chef’s seasoning balance, and attention to detail.

Link Lab Sausages are made using premium ingredients & traditional, artisan techniques like hand mixing & hand linking. All sausages are packed in natural hog or sheep casings for the characteristic “snap” texture that sausage fans love.

Link Lab produces their sausages in small, 20-pound batches, a level of attention to detail unheard of in the sausage industry. This, coupled with chef’s expertise, a special grind, and hand mixing allows them to develop a far better texture than most sausage on the market.

Most of the pork used in Link Lab sausages is pasture raised on natural feed at Jones Family Farm – a small family farm in Washington State. No antibiotics or hormones are ever added to the feed for any of the meats used. The other ingredients are all real food you’ll recognize, without corn syrup or fillers.

Ingredients: Pork, salt, coriander, black pepper, parsley, thyme, red chili flakes, chipotle, sage, natural sheep casings.


Store Link Lab Sausages in your freezer until you’re ready to use them, then thaw as many packs as you need.

Thawing Tips


Cook these sausages as you would conventional breakfast sausages – as links, or sliced/crumbled for omelets, scrambles, biscuits & gravy, etc.

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