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Wagyu Beef Ribeye Rolls

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1 ribeye roll (approximately 11 lbs.) | Free Shipping

Ribeye steaks are the quintessential steak, renowned by steak fanatics for their intensely beefy flavor that needs nothing more than salt & pepper to make it shine. Ribeye rolls are the de-boned muscles that ribeye steaks are cut from.  Buying them whole allows you to either use them as luxurious ribeye roasts or slice them into ribeye steaks at precisely the thickness you prefer.

Kobe beef (aka wagyu beef) is from a breed of cow specially raised to increase its percentage of fat marbling to consistently high levels. More marbling leads to more flavor, tenderness, and moisture as the fat melts during the cooking process. Thus, wagyu steaks & roasts are more flavorful and tender than those cut from conventional beef.

These ribeye rolls are available in a variety of different marbling grades. The higher the grade, the more extremely marbled the meat is, resulting in roasts and steaks that are more moist, tender and buttery.

Note: It may be possible to special order whole ribeyes with even higher marbling grades. Contact us for more information.

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1 vacuum sealed ribeye roll (approximately 11 lbs.)


  • Available in Grades 3 & 4 (Kobe Beef Grades)
  • Boneless & Lip Off (NAMP# 112)
  • 7 Rib Portion
  • Grain-Fed
  • Hormone Free
  • Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotic Free
  • Individually Vacuum Packed
  • Fresh



Keep wagyu ribeye rolls frozen until you need them, then thaw before cooking.

Thawing Tips

Wagyu ribeye rolls can be roasted whole, cut into smaller roasts, sliced into steaks, or cut into smaller pieces for use in tacos, stir fry, kebabs, etc.

Ribeye rolls and steaks cut from them offer bold, beefy flavor that doesn’t need to be accented with sauces (thought you can certainly serve them with a sauce if you’d prefer).  Salt and pepper is all the seasoning necessary.

Steak Recipes
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Recommended Internal Cooking Temps:
Rare - 120°-125°
Medium Rare - 130°-135°
Medium - 140°-145°
Medium Well - 150°-155°
Well Done - 160° and above

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