All Natural Truffle Butter

1 - 12 jars
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Black truffle butter is an easy to use, incredibly decadent truffle product that brings intense truffle flavor to almost any dish. Simply add it to just cooked pasta, meats, or fish as a finishing ingredient or gently melt it on the stove for an easy truffle butter sauce.

This premium truffle butter is made by blending black summer truffles with butter made with the same cream used to produce world-famous Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.


Butter, summer truffles (tuber aestivum) 3%, flavors, sorbic acid (preservative E 200).


Storage: Store black truffle butter in your refrigerator. It can be frozen for longer term storage.

Shelf Life: Six months unopened in the refrigerator, one month opened. Longer frozen.


Black truffle butter can be used as a finishing ingredient by adding it to just-cooked pastas, meats, poultry, seafood and vegetable dishes.

We do not recommend using it as a cooking fat (as you would conventional butter or cooking oils), however it can be gently heated just enough to melt it for easier mixing with food, use as a pasta sauce, etc.

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