Edible Insect Sampler

Sampler, 1.5 - 15 grams
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The contents of the insect sampler are:

Bamboo Worms

2 bags (15 grams each)


2 bags (15 grams each)


2 cans (15 grams each)

Sago Worms

2 cans (15 grams each)

Armor Tail Scorpion

2 bags (1.5 grams each)

These insects have been processed & packaged in a modern, FDA registered facility that is certified by the Thailand Food & Drug Administration.

Insects may be the food of the future. They’re nutritious, easy to farm, and use much fewer resources than conventional sources of protein like beef or soy.

Note: If you are allergic to shellfish, you might also be allergic to these close cousins.


Store edible insects & insect energy bars in closed containers in a cool, dry place.


Edible insects and cricket energy bars make nutritious snacks.  The insects can also be used in recipes (whole, chopped or ground).  These samplers also make great gifts or food for unusual parties & tastings.

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