Guinea Fowl Airline Breasts

24 split breasts (about 9 lbs total)
Incl Overnight S&H
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Guinea fowl are originally from Africa, but have become a popular roasting bird in France & Italy.  Their slightly red meat is lean with an exciting flavor profile stronger than chicken and pheasant but less potent than duck.

Airline guinea hen breasts are skin-on breasts that have the largest wing bone (the drumette) left attached for a more elegant presentation, but are otherwise boneless.

Air chilling (as opposed to the cheaper and more common industrial water chilling) guinea hens is a more environmentally sound process that generates less waste and further improves the flavor and texture of the bird (water chilled birds absorb undesirable water during the chilling process).


Store guinea hen breasts frozen until you need them, then defrost completely before cooking.

Thawing Tips


Guinea hen breasts can be roasted or pan-roasted. Because guinea hen meat is so lean, it is often barded (wrapped with bacon or pancetta) brined, buttered, or marinated before cooking or basted while cooking to help keep it moist.

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