Guinea Fowl Breasts

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Guinea fowl (aka pintade, faraona, African pheasant) are a variety of exotic poultry originally from Africa that has become a popular roasting bird in France & Italy. Their slightly red meat is lean with flavor stronger than chicken and pheasant but less potent than duck.

Guinea fowl breasts can be cooked similarly to chicken or pheasant breasts as a flavorful, colorful, exotic alternative.  These are “full breasts” – where both of a single bird’s breasts are connected in the middle rather than being split (as most chicken breasts are in stores).


Store guinea fowl breasts in your freezer until you’re ready to use them, then thaw.

Thawing Tips


Guinea hen breasts can be roasted or pan-roasted as you would chicken or pheasant breasts.

Because guinea hen meat is so lean, it is often barded (wrapped with bacon or pancetta) brined, buttered (under the skin), or marinated before cooking or basted while cooking to help keep it moist.

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