Pasture-Raised Veal Butt Tenderloins

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The butt tenderloin is the larger, thicker end of the tenderloin without the tail (aka “short”). Chefs like butt tenderloins because they’re the most consistently-sized portion of the tenderloin for cutting medallions or cutlets. Butt tenderloins can also be used for veal tartar or veal carpaccio.

Like full veal tenderloins, butt tenderloins are the most tender part of the animal, with a luxurious texture that commands high prices in restaurants. They’re very lean, and medallions are often served with sauces to add moisture and flavor.

Victoria Veal is a true pasture-raised, free range veal program. The animals have a real milk, grass diet and are never given any growth promotants. In short, Victoria Veal is real veal, raised the way veal used to be before the industrialization of the veal industry. It has a healthier pink color and truly delicious flavor because of the healthier, more humane lifestyle.

Most veal lines are based on dairy breeds which are great for milk, but not for meat. The Victoria Veal program uses breeds like Angus and Hereford, renowned for their superior eating qualities.


Keep frozen Victoria Veal in your freezer until you’re ready to use it, then thaw what you need. Store fresh Victoria Veal in your fridge.

Thawing Tips


Veal butt tenders are one of the most versatile veal cuts. They can be sliced into veal medallions that can be grilled or pan seared & served with a sauce. They can be sliced & pounded into luxuriously tender cutlets or carpaccio, or they can be finely diced for tartar.

Try pairing them with flavors like capers, mustard and/or cream, white wine, herbs like tarragon, sage, basil, or thyme, asparagus, truffles & truffle products, or wild mushrooms.

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