100% Grass-Fed Beef from New Zealand

Grass-Fed Grilling Steak Sampler

22 - 44 steaks
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Skirt, hanger and flat iron steaks aren’t as famous as steakhouse cuts like ribeyes and filet mignon, but their deliciousness shouldn’t be overlooked. Each of these cuts offers excellent flavor at a more affordable price, and this sampler lets you try them all in order to find your favorite.

Sampler Contents:

Six 6oz Outer Skirt Steaks

Eight 6oz Hanger Steaks

Six 10oz Flat Iron Steaks

Grass Fed & Pasture Raised

Silver Fern Farms Angus beef is 100% grass-fed & finished, raised free range on massive, pristine pastures in New Zealand. No hormone or antibiotic growth promotants are ever used, and GMOs are illegal there.

Because of New Zealand's moderate climate, these cattle are pasture raised year round, with free access to windbreaks and other structures for shelter from inclement weather.

Selected for Excellence

Silver Fern Farms is a coop of small family farmers across New Zealand. The Angus program combines the Angus breed, renowned for superior marbling, flavor, and texture, with a grading system that ensures you get great beef every time. It has a clean, boldly beefy flavor without the heavy tallow characteristic of commodity beef.

Careful quality grading ensures it is consistently more marbled, tender, and flavorful than much of the grass-fed beef available in the US.


Not only is grass fed beef more humane, it's better for you too. 100% grass fed beef is lower in saturated fat as well as higher in valuable nutrients like vitamins A & E, conjugated linoleic acid (aka CLA), and omega-3 fatty acids.


Store frozen grassfed beef in your freezer until you're ready to use it, then thaw only as much as you plan on cooking.

Thawing Tips


Skirt steaks and hanger steaks both have textures that absorb marinades well and prominent muscle grains. For best tenderness, cook skirt and hanger steaks no further than medium and give the meat a 10+ minute rest after cooking before you slice them. Slice against the grain to make the muscle fibers smaller.

Flat iron steaks can be cooked as you would ribeye steaks, strip steaks, etc. Season (with salt and pepper or a more complex spice rub), then grill, pan roast, broil, etc to your preferred doneness.

Steak Recipes

Flank, Hanger & Skirt Steak Recipes

Recommended Cooking Temps:

Rare - 120°-125°

Medium Rare - 130°-135°

Medium - 140°-145°

Medium Well - 150°-155°

Well Done - 160° and above

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