100% Grass-Fed Beef from New Zealand

Grass-Fed Beef Marrow Bones

approx. 30 lbs total
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Beef bone marrow is a rich, buttery delicacy served in top restaurants.  Unfortunately, it can be hard to find bones cross-cut to make it easy to extract.  These femur bones have been center cut, so you’re only getting the most uniform portions without the joints.  They average about 8" in length.  They are then split down the middle (“canoe-cut”) to expose the marrow, making it easy to roast in the bone or extract before cooking.

Because these bones are grass-fed, the marrow will have a more pronounced flavor than conventional grain-fed marrow bones.


Keep marrow bones frozen until you’re planning on using them, then thaw.  Use them within a day or two of thawing.

Thawing Tips


Bone marrow has a beefy, buttery flavor that is delicious simply seasoned with sea salt, but is traditionally paired with ingredients that add brightness (lemon, capers, pickled shallot) and/or bitterness (flat leaf parsley) to help balance out its intense richness.

It is traditionally roasted in the bone & served with toast for dipping or spreading it on as you would butter, but can also be used as an ingredient.

Some chefs brine marrow bones before cooking them so the salt water can draw some of the blood out of the marrow.

Basic Roasting Instructions:

Preheat your oven to 450F° & roast the bones (marrow-side up) until the marrow softens and begins to pull away from the bone.  Keep checking & be careful not to over-roast – the marrow will begin to render while it cooks and a lot of it will melt out of the bones if you let it cook too long.

Serve immediately with toasted or grilled artisan bread and your choice of condiments (see above for suggestions).

Roasted Bone Marrow Recipe

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