Gold Mung Shoots

4 oz - 16 oz
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Golden mung shoots are crisp, with an extremely mild flavor.  They have thin stems topped with pairs of thin, fuzzy pointed leaves.



Store mung shoots in your refrigerator in their plastic clamshell. Note: Extended periods of light exposure can change these shoots’ color from gold to green.

Shelf Life:

Approximately 5 days.


Use golden mung shoots stacked, piled, or otherwise arranged as a garnish. Besides putting them on top of food, you can arrange them below food as a flavorful bed for meat, poultry, or seafood.

You can also add them to salads by either piling them on top or tossing them with the other greens. Use them instead of sprouts or lettuce on sandwiches to give them a more elegant appearance and interesting texture.

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