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Frozen Oregon White Truffles

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White Oregon truffles have an earthy flavor and intense aroma. These frozen wild truffles have been hand-foraged in Oregon during the fall white truffle season and expertly frozen to preserve as much of their fresh flavor and aroma as possible. They’re available year round to satisfy truffle cravings whenever they strike.

Oregon truffles do not have the same quality, depth or complexity of flavor that their European counterparts do. They are however a far more economical alternative and a good choice for those seeking to try fresh truffles for the first time.


1 lb.


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Store your frozen Oregon white truffles in the freezer until you are ready to use them.

For best quality, these Oregon white truffles should be carefully grated while still frozen. Use them as a finishing ingredient on just-cooked dishes, and the heat rising from the hot food will thaw them and release their full flavor.

Frozen white truffles can be used to flavor dishes as you would fresh white truffles, making them a great choice for risotto (try this white truffle risotto recipe!), mashed potatoes, pasta, cheese pizza or even scrambled eggs.

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