Frozen Huitlacoche

approx. 2 lbs total
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Huitlacoche, (aka cuitlacoche, corn smut, corn fungus, devil’s corn, and Mexican truffle) is a fungus that infects ears of corn and replaces their kernels with similarly sized black nodes. Long considered a blight by American corn growers, it is prized as a delicacy in Mexico. Huitlacoche has a flavor similar to some mushrooms, tasting earthy with a hint of smokiness.

Note: Cuitlacoche should not be consumed by women who are pregnant.


Store huitlacoche in your freezer until your ready to use it, then remove as many nodes as you need from the bag and thaw them.

Thawing Tips


Cuitlacoche can be boiled for about ten minutes, then sautéed in butter, or integrated into a host of Mexican and southwestern dishes. It can be used to add smokiness to soups, stews, tamales, quesadillas, and for the truly adventurous: ice cream.

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