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Fresh turmeric is pleasantly less potent and has a more complex earthy flavor and aroma than dried turmeric. It’s the preferred form used in Thai & Indonesian cooking.

Though it’s a relative of ginger and galangal, turmeric’s texture is less fibrous and more crunchy, so while it can be grated and used to season food, it can also be cooked and consumed as a vegetable.

Turmeric is sometimes used as a substitute for saffron, which really does both ingredients a disservice. While both of them turn food yellow, turmeric has a very different flavor and aroma, which, while good in their own right, don't offer the complexities of high quality saffron.


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Store fresh tumeric in your refrigerator wrapped in paper towels and a zip-top bag.

Shelf Life:

Two to three weeks.

Fresh Turmeric can be grated like you would ginger to season dishes or peeled, chopped and simmered or stir fried for use as a vegetable.

Use fresh turmeric in curries, stews, soups, couscous and stir fries. Though it is most commonly found in savory applications, there are some Southeast Asian sweets that include turmeric. It can also be steeped in hot water with or without other ingredients to make tea (try ginger, galangal or lemongrass).

Pair turmeric with ingredients like chilies, citrus fruit, fresh herbs (lemongrass, mint, cilantro), cardamom, kefir lime leaves, lentils, squash, poultry, or seafood.

Fresh turmeric will attempt to dye almost anything it comes into contact with yellow, so avoid using wooden utensils and consider wearing gloves. Any yellow color should eventually fade from most dyed items with repeated washing.

Fresh Turmeric Recipes

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