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Lemon verbena (aka lemon scented verbena) is an herb with long, thin green leaves.  It possesses a potent, bright lemon-floral flavor and aroma.

Lemon verbena’s flavor is very citrusy, but neither sour nor sweet, making it a great way to add lemon flavor without the added acidity, sugar, and liquid lemon juice brings to a dish.


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Delivery Limitations:

Due to harvesting complications, we need at least 24 hours of lead time in order to ship lemon verbena.


Fresh lemon verbena should be stored in a plastic bag in your refrigerator crisper drawer.

For long term storage of extra lemon verbena, we recommend drying it or blending the leaves with sugar to make a freezable paste. Lemon verbena is probably best dried on the sprig by hanging it.

Once the leaves have dried, strip them off the sprigs and store them in an air-tight container in a dark, dry place.

Dried lemon verbena is less potent and aromatic than fresh, but still offers significant flavor when steeped in hot liquids. The dried leaves are delicious as an addition to green tea, or as herbal tea in blends or by themselves. They can also be used in potpourri blends.

Shelf Life:

Fresh lemon verbena can last up to 10 days.

Lemon verbena can be used in both sweet & savory dishes. Because of the leaves’ rough/leathery texture, it is often used to flavor dishes, then discarded before the food is served. It can be steeped in liquids that are then used as an ingredient (especially hot milk, simple syrup, or cream for use in desserts) added to steamer baskets to perfume steamed dishes, or cooked in dishes in a similar fashion to bay leaves.<

Lemon verbena can be left in foods if it is processed beforehand. It can be very finely chopped for use in fruit salads and cold drinks. It can also be put in a food processor with unsalted butter to make lemon verbena compound butter (how to make compound butters) or with sugar to make lemon verbena paste.

Fresh & dried lemon verbena leaves both make great tea when steeped in hot water. For added flavor and caffeine, steep them with green tea.

For dessert applications, try lemon verbena in panna cotta, rice pudding, custards, curds, sorbets and ice cream.

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