Fresh Horseradish

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Horseradish is a potent root vegetable/spice known for its sinus-clearing bite. In America, freshly grated horseradish is a classic accompaniment to prime rib and other fine steaks and roasts, it is also a classic ingredient in traditional bloody marys. However, it is also delicious with seafood and plays a major role in Eastern European cooking.

It is high in potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and vitamin C.


Approximately 1-2 roots per lb. (about 10 lbs.)


Generally available year round.




Store fresh horseradish wrapped in damp paper towels and placed in a zip-top bag in your refrigerator. Check it occasionally and cut off any parts that begin to spoil for longer shelf life.

Like wasabi, the flavor of horseradish is fleeting once its inner flesh has exposed to the air, so before you use any leftovers discard the surface portion of any parts that have had the skin removed.

Shelf Life:

Up to several weeks fresh, several months grated & packed in vinegar.

Horseradish should be peeled just prior to use, as the inner root’s flavor is very volatile and begins to dissipate soon after being exposed to air. With or without other ingredients, it is a delicious compliment to beef, ham, and seafood (particularly when used to cut the richness of wild salmon and smoked fish).

Fresh horseradish is traditionally served raw & finely grated. Cooking can dramatically weaken its bite, so if horse radish is cooked, it is usually only briefly. In some countries in Eastern Europe it is cooked all the way through, making the flavor very mild, and then eaten like a vegetable.

When used in sauces & dishes, it pairs well with dairy (cream, crème fraiche, sour cream, yogurt), beets, fresh chives, eggs, lemon juice, potatoes and apples. For an exciting side dish, try mixing grated horseradish, chives, and cream into mashed or smashed heirloom potatoes!

Though its flavor is nowhere near as complex as real wasabi, grated horseradish can be used as a substitute condiment for sushi and sashimi. In fact, because it is so much less expensive, most wasabi pastes and powders on the market are mostly (if not completely) made from horseradish mixed with green food coloring and a little hot mustard.


Basic Horseradish Condiment Recipe - Prepared horseradish with vinegar is a classic condiment for steaks, seafood, and other proteins.

Fresh Horseradish Bloody Mary Recipe

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