Foie Gras Mousse

Six 7oz packs
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This creamy mousse is made by blending duck liver, foie gras and eggs with port wine, spices & raisins. It is cooked and topped with a layer of glistening aspic.

Fabrique Delices has been carefully crafting artisanal charcuterie for over 24 years. They follow traditional recipes in order to ensure authentic texture and flavor.


7oz Size:
Duck foie gras, duck liver, duck fat, water, eggs, port wine, salt, nonfat dry milk, sugar, pepper, sodium nitrite, aspic (water, gelatin, vinegar, brandy, salt, carrageenan).

3.5lb Size: Duck liver, duck fat, duck foie gras, water, eggs, port wine, raisins, sugar, modified cornstarch, salt, nonfat dry milk, pepper, spices (nutmeg, coriander, caraway, allspice), aspic (water, gelatin, vinegar, brandy, salt).



Store foie gras mousse in your refrigerator.

Shelf Life:

Unopened packs will last up to 8 weeks from date of manufacture. Use within 8-10 days of opening.


Serve foie gras mousse with toast points (we recommend brioche) or crackers. Fabrique Delices recommends pairing it with Champagne, Sauternes, or Muscat wine.

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