Fresh Organic Dianthus Flowers

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Dianthus blossoms are a smaller variety with delicate, feathery petals and a somewhat bitter flavor.  Most dianthus blossoms are dark-pink in color and are about the size of a quarter.

Smaller edible micro dianthus flowers are also available.


Store dianthus blossoms in your fridge until you need them.


Edible dianthus blossoms are a beautiful garnish for all sorts of plates, platters, and banquets. They can also be used as an edible addition or ingredient for cakes, salads, and other dishes as long as their somewhat bitter flavor is taken into account.

Some edible flowers may wilt or change color when exposed to vinegar, so if using a vinegar-based dressing on salads containing edible flowers, test it on a few blossoms ahead of time and/or add it at the last second.

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