Dover Sole Fillets

approx. 10 lbs total (in 2 - 4 oz packs)
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While called a Dover Sole because of its resemblance to the Atlantic Dover Sole (aka Channel Sole), Pacific Dover Sole is actually a type of flounder.

Pacific Dover Sole has a subtle flavor and soft, fluffy meat.  It is considered a more sustainable alternative to heavily over fished Atlantic Dover Sole.


Store dover sole fillets in your freezer until you're ready to use them.

Thawing Tips


Dover sole is best grilled or pan-fried and served simply so that its subtle flavor and fluffy texture can be appreciated. For example, a classic preparation is Sole Meunière, where the fish is served with butter, lemon, and parsley.

It also pairs well with flavors like basil, red wine, and mustard (used sparingly).

Dover sole fillets can also be lightly breaded and baked.

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