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Coffee Flour is a revolutionary new ingredient made from dried & ground coffee cherries, the fruit that grows around the coffee bean and is traditionally discarded during the coffee harvest.

Coffee Flour is nutritious, delicious, good for coffee farmers and good for the environment. It can be used in baked goods (in combination with other flours), beverages, sauces & more. It’s even naturally gluten free!

Coffee Flour doesn’t taste like coffee. Its flavor varies with its origin, but Central American Coffee Flour typically has floral, citrus & roasted fruit-like notes to its flavor.

Packed with Nutrition:

Coffee Flour is very nutritious, containing more iron than spinach, more antioxidants than pomegranate, more protein than kale, more potassium than banana and more fiber than whole grain wheat flour. It also contains less fat and more fiber than coconut flour.

Does it Contain Caffeine?

Coffee Flour does contain caffeine, but significantly less than coffee beans. Each tablespoon of Coffee Flour is roughly equivalent in caffeine content to a 1/3rd of an average cup of black coffee.

Better for the Farmers:

Coffee farmers make only a small amount of money from their primary crop, coffee beans. Not only that, but their income is highly variable due to unpredictable forces like weather and commodity speculation. Coffee Flour is much less perishable than coffee beans, so its prices are much more stable, providing farmers with a consistent secondary stream of revenue with only a modest increase in effort. It also creates additional jobs in coffee producing areas, further strengthening the local economy.

Better for the Planet:

While harvesting coffee beans, farmers traditionally discarded most of the cherries (a small percentage of coffee cherries produced were used locally in fertilizer or dried to make cascara tea). This resulted in a massive amount of heavily polluting organic waste left to rot or dumped into rivers – about one pound of cherries for each pound of coffee beans produced.

It has been estimated that 17 billion pounds of coffee cherries are thrown away each year.

Giving farmers a financial incentive to hold on to & process the cherries helps promote a healthier local environment and results in a better return on the energy inputs involved in growing the coffee crop.


Store coffee flour in an air-tight container (like its jar) in a cool, dark, dry place.


For best consistency & texture, Coffee Flour should be used in combination with other flours (wheat flour or as part of a gluten free flour blend) to make baked goods. In many baked applications you can simply replace 10-20% of the overall flour with Coffee Flour to add additional flavor & nutrition.

Because Coffee Flour is so high in fiber, you will want to make some other adjustments to baking recipes in order to accommodate the change:

1. Increase the total moisture in your recipe (water, egg, oil, apple sauce, etc) by 15-20%.

2. Increase the amount of any yeast called for in the original recipe by 50% and allow extra rising time.

Try using Coffee Flour in muffins, breads, cookies, brownies (and similar baked goods), breakfast bars, pizza dough, pastas & more! It pairs particularly well with chocolate.

In addition to baked & pasta applications, Coffee Flour can also be added to sauces (as a slurry), soups, ice cream, chocolates, spice rubs & more.

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