Caviar Sampler

1 - 4 oz jar sampler
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Get a range of caviars & roes in a single order! This sampler contains 1oz or 4oz each (depending on the size you select) of the following caviars & roes:

Russian Osetra 000

Siberian Baerii

American Select Bowfin

Golden Whitefish

Trout Roe

If serving caviar as part of a canapé or as a garnish, expect to get about twenty 1/4tsp servings from a single ounce. However, if you’re serving a caviar course to people who love it, expect to need a half to a whole ounce per person.



Refrigerate caviar. Do not freeze it.

Shelf Life:

Osetra, Baerii: 6-7 weeks unopened, 24 hours after opening.

Bowfin, Whitefish, Trout: 4-5 weeks unopened, 24 hours after opening.


Use caviars & roes as garnishes or in traditional caviar service with crème fraiche and crackers or blini.

Though there is some debate, it is widely believed that serving caviar with non-gold metal utensils (particularly silver) can cause it to oxidize and take on unpleasant metallic flavors.

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