Taleggio Arnoldi Cheese

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Approximately 5lbs.


Taleggio Valley, Italy


Taleggio may be one of the oldest soft cheese varieties on the planet. Originating in the caves of Italy’s Val Taleggio (the Taleggio valley) around the 10th century, Taleggio is a washed-rind soft cow’s milk cheese. Taleggio cheese’s flavor is nutty and meaty with a hint of salt.

Arnoldi has been making cheese in the Taleggio Valley since 1924.



As a soft washed-rind cheese, it is essential that Taleggio be able to breathe. Wrap loosely in waxed paper and plastic wrap, storing it in your refrigerator drawer. Should your Taleggio become too strong, remove the rind and let the cheese rest at room temperature for about a half hour. It should become somewhat milder.

Shelf Life:

Up to forty days from packaging date.


Although traditionally Italians do not cook with Taleggio, American chefs have experimented with using it in salads, sauces, and risottos. Italians sometimes top polenta with thin slices of this cheese. It pairs well with robust red wines (preferably Italian) and fruit.

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