Roasted Hazelnut Meal

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Hazelnut meal (aka filbert meal, cobnut meal, ground hazelnuts) is made by finely grinding roasted, semi-peeled hazelnuts. It adds rich, nutty flavor to baked goods – especially cakes and pastries, and is highly prized by bakers.

Hazelnut meal is also called for in some gluten-free recipes.


Store hazelnut meal in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place.


Use hazelnut meal in cakes, cookies, tortes, and pastries to add richness and hazelnut flavor.

Perhaps the most classic hazelnut dessert combination is with white, milk or dark chocolate.

Other ingredients that work well with hazelnuts in baked goods include fruit, brown butter, coffee, honey, lemon, orange, meringue, sweet cheeses (ricotta or mascarpone), and cream.

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