Pecorino Al Tartufo Cheese

3 wheels (approximately 6 lbs.)
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3 individually packaged 2 lb. wheels (approximately 6 lbs.)


Siena, Italy


Pecorino Al Tartufo is Pecorino Toscano cheese with large flakes of earthy black truffle imbedded in it. Pecorino Toscano is a semi-hard pressed cheese made with 100% sheep’s milk. Some non-toscano pecorino cheeses are a blend of sheep’s and cow’s milk and are not nearly as rich.


After opening, store your Pecorino Al Tartufo wrapped in a layer of wax paper and a layer of plastic wrap to help retain moisture. If it still appears to be drying out, put it in an airtight container with a damp towel, rewetting the towel as needed.

Note: Sheep’s milk contains high levels of butterfat, so this cheese can occasionally weep at room temperature. This is not an indication that something is wrong with the cheese, but rather a sign that it is truly a 100% sheep’s milk cheese.


Italians rarely cook with Pecorino Toscano, preferring instead to serve it as part of a meal. It can be served with prosciutto, roasted peppers, porcini mushrooms, and Chianti.

For a special treat drizzle thin slices with acacia honey (go all out by using truffle honey).

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