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Lotus roots (aka renkon, lily root) are the underwater rhizomes of lotus lilies that are used as an edible root vegetable in several Asian cuisines (particularly those of China and Japan). They have a mild, slightly sweet flavor and a juicy, crisp texture reminiscent of water chestnuts.


Approximately 10 lbs.




Store fresh lotus roots in your refrigerator, wrapped in plastic.

Shelf Life:

Up to three weeks.

Lotus root’s mild flavor makes it an extremely versatile vegetable. Peeled before use, it is then most often sliced or chopped and stir-fried or stewed, but can be used in soups, or steamed. Lotus root’s small holes make it especially crispy when fried, so it’s great as tempura and makes beautiful chips (lotus chips recipe). It can also be eaten raw in salads or with a veggie dip.

Lotus is often paired with carrots, potatoes, burdock roots, potatoes, dashi, soy sauce, ginger, chilis, tofu, citrus juices, sesame oil, sake, mirin, or cooked sea vegetables.

Once the skin is breached, lotus root should be cooked immediately or submerged in water mixed with a little lemon juice or vinegar to prevent oxidation.

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