Le Gruyere AOP Cheese

10 lbs total (in 5 lb pieces)
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Gruyere is a semi-firm, washed rind, full bodied cow’s milk cheese produced in Switzerland and France. Le Gruyere AOP is a Swiss gruyere that is cave aged for 9 months prior to being finished.

This cheese has a delightfully complex, assertive flavor and a texture that is dense and smooth with a slight flakiness and some crystalline crunch.  It has been aged in dairy for three months prior to moving to the cave for a total minimum age of 12 months.



Wrap gruyere cheese in plastic wrap or wax paper & store it in your refrigerator.

Shelf Life:

1-2 months unopened, 3-4 weeks opened and rewrapped.


Gruyere is excellent for baking, particularly in quiches and cheese puffs. It is also an indispensable ingredient in real fondue. Slice it thin for a truly decadent ham and cheese sandwich. Grate over a slice of baguette and use to top French onion soup.

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